Sunday, September 30, 2012

Eight Easy Steps - pt 3 - Chapel Perilous

Tek-Gnostics Media continues to explore the "Eight-brain Model of Consciousness" in part three of our series… How to Achieve Cosmic Consciousness in Eight Easy Steps.
Part three of our four-part series examines the mysterious allegorical realm that separates the four lower, mundane circuits, from the four higher, transcendental circuits of consciousness. This no-man’s-land within the human psyche has been given many names… the dark night of the soul… the theatre of madness… darkmoor… The term we prefer is… Chapel Perilous.
Every true traveler of the path must pass through this dark country of doubt, in order to transform from the monkey stage, into the true human stage of earthling hominid development.
Now the path to understanding the eight-fold aspect of the human nervous system has never been simpler… Now you too can achieve Cosmic Consciousness in eight easy steps!
Warning: The un-initiated should view Part One and Part Two of our series, prior to viewing part three. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jesus & Mary Magdalene hook up?

Many of you are aware that an ancient Gnostic papyrus codex fragment has been released by a professor at Harvard Divinity School… a fragment that has “rocked” the Christian world. This 33 word fragment is apparently a portion of a narrative where Jesus appears to be defending Mary Magdalene against someone, perhaps one of the male disciples…

“She will be able to be my disciple,” Jesus replies. Then, two lines later, he says: “I dwell with her.”

According to an article on Smithsonian dot com, this may be a revelation that changes our understanding of the Christian faith. From the September 18th the article…

Harvard researcher Karen King today unveiled an ancient papyrus fragment with the phrase… “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife...” The text also mentions “Mary,” arguably a reference to Mary Magdalene. The announcement at an academic conference in Rome is sure to send shock waves through the Christian world.

Not surprisingly, the mainstream media has vigorously reported this ancient fragment to be a forgery. It is also not surprising that the Catholic Church, among other Christian Cabals, would want this information suppressed.

In classic disinformation style, media stresses and repeats the term forgery. The first tactic of any disinformation campaign is to discredit the source, in order to mitigate or marginalize its believability. We wouldn’t be surprised if a “smear campaign” against professor King surfaces in the near future.

In the meantime, this new revelation serves to re-affirm Mary Magdalene’s importance and leadership in the early church.

Complete Article Here

Friday, September 21, 2012

Surveying the Collective - illuminati?

Results are in from our last survey, where we asked the Question: Illuminati… real or imaginary? The results are as follows…

46% of those responding to our poll said that the Illuminati are real.
35% responded with the correct answer: fnord.
15% thought that the illuminati are imaginary.
4% responded with: quit reading my mind.

There you have it, folks… the majority of those responding thought that those masters of mayhem, the illuminati… are very real.

Check out our latest installment of “Surveying the Collective” where we ask…  When will humanity realize an Artificial Intelligence Singularity?

Progress in computer hardware has followed an amazingly steady curve in the last few decades. Accordingly, it has been suggested that we will soon have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Are we on the verge of creating AI entities with greater than human intelligence?

Weigh in on this topic by responding to our survey located on the left column of this blog…

Monday, September 17, 2012

Anniversary Part Two – Occupy!

Monday, September seventeenth marks the one year anniversary of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. It was one year ago today that our young brothers and sisters that make up the occupy movement took to the streets of New York City to, in essence, point out that the emperor wears no cloths. Emerging from this creative and innocent display of outrage, arose some of the most powerful and iconic memes of the 21st century, including the term “ninety nine percent” and it’s memetic big brother: “one percent.” This peaceful protest, one year old today, changed the media landscape by “putting a spotlight” on the excesses of the financial/banking practices of the powers that be (ptb).
Even as we posted part one of this series, 9/11 Anniversary & Synchronicity, the Middle East erupted in violent protest against Western Empirical Expansion, as driven by the calculations of the ptb’s Global Economy. Strangely, western media reported that this concerted outbreak, timed to correspond with 9/11, was sparked by an obscure movie titled “Innocence of Muslims” which, by all accounts, is considered blasphemous to Islam for (among other things) profanely depicting the prophet Muhammad. We find it hard to believe that this violent protest, beginning in Egypt and Libya, then quickly spreading to Tunisia, Sudan, Morocco, Pakistan, and all points east, has been driven by a low-budget YouTube video.

Even if western media reports that identify this video as the primary cause of the Islamic backlash are true, something much deeper and more complex is going on.

It is, however, extremely interesting that western media has placed its collective attention upon the above mentioned video. Once again, instruments of modern media, in this case the movie “Innocence of Muslims” …become the focal point for world events. As in the Aurora tragedy that occurred within a movie complex, reality is being darkly tweaked… with as much focus being placed upon the medium, as the event itself. The world’s attention is being diverted toward a product of modern media, rather than the clearly well-planed assassination of our Ambassador to Libya.

Time will tell whether a movie trailer is indeed responsible for all the renewed protests in the Middle East.

What is clear is that extreme right-wing fanatics within the Muslim world are fueling the fire of political unrest. Religious fundamentalist factions that represent a tiny minority within a broader and peaceful Islamic culture, wield disproportionate influence by resorting to violent means. Just as we “scratch our heads” in puzzlement as a populist “Tea Party” movement is hijacked by a powerful cabal of “neo-cons” here in the US, so must the Arab world be wondering… what “by the beard of the prophet” is going on?

What is also clear is that a mostly peaceful world must beware of the fanatical few… the extreme right-wing… be they Christian or Muslim, Gentile or Jew. Radical neo-cons in the US are just as dangerous as their counterparts in Iran, or anywhere else in the world. Extreme neo-cons the world over have more in common with each other, than they do with their own main-stream populations… that being a radicalized agenda of fear, hatred and violence. The Christian evangelical fundamentalist that preaches “fire & brimstone” appears eerily similar to the radical imam preaching Sharia law. Although they profess to hate each other, their fanaticism is essentially identical.

In the wake of this insanity… we mourn the loss of life in Libya. By all "Western" accounts, Ambassador Chris Stevens was an honorable man… one who may have been a force of reason and restraint… had he been given the chance.

Amidst this sadness, we also celebrate our brave brothers and sisters of occupy. In their one year anniversary, they have shown that media can be accessed for purposes of transparency… that the world’s attention can be focused upon issues of fairness, propriety and justice. Let the voice of reason… the sensibilities of a peace-loving majority… be heard. May the light of liberty shine, and may this light send the neo-cons of this world scurrying back to the dark corners from whence they came.

Happy Birthday Occupy!… may you live long and prosper!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 Anniversary & Synchronicity



Looking back from the perspective of the last eleven years, the Twenty-first Century… the transition out of the old paradigm into the new millennium… began abruptly on Tuesday, September Eleventh, 2001. On that day, with the orchestrated destruction of the World Trade Center and subsequent attack on the pentagon, the citizenry of Spaceship Earth awoke to the new age. Although the strikes targeted assets of the United States in particular, and capitalism in general, the entire world bore witness as humanity’s sociopolitical reality morphed... rearranged… into a nightmarish mix of archaic tribalism and multi-nationalism… before our very eyes.
Broadcast live around the world by the modern media machine, this new age came crashing into our living-rooms via the luminous screen that a technologically connected humanity fixates upon daily. This was not your mother’s new age. This was not the new age visualized in yoga class. This was not the new age envisioned during the “Harmonic Convergence.” This was a darker, wicked wake-up call that would viciously “come up-side” our collective heads as if to say… “Welcome to the future, chump.”
Thus was our 21st Century global economy born… of fear and fire. This pivotal moment had been incubating for some time. The global elite had been patiently planning and implementing their economic strategy for the U.S. of A., for decades. After all, it takes time to methodically dismantle the American manufacturing infrastructure, and replace it with a so-called “service economy.” For decades, it had been clear to the 1% that manufacturing could be done much more economically “overseas.” If a widget could be assembled in India or Brazil with a labor cost of 10¢ on the dollar, there was clearly no need for an American manufacturing workforce.
Added to this first blow to Americans… was a second “sucker punch” that took the form of an abrupt elimination of personal freedoms, implemented by the Patriot Act and vaguely justified by the zealous patriotic flag-waving of Homeland Security (the very term “Homeland Security” sounds like 1930s Nazi propaganda). The net effect of the enacted law was an extreme broadening of powers of law enforcement, including; the expanded gathering of intelligence within the United States; the expanded ability to detain and deport immigrants suspected of terrorism-related acts; the expanded definition of terrorism to include domestic terrorism, thereby including US citizens to the list of targets that the Patriot Act’s already increased law enforcement powers could be applied to.
Regardless of whether the official story that Al Qaeda was responsible for the attacks is true or not, the global transition was complete. The demolition of the twin towers justified the re-tooling of the Industrial Military Complex. After all, the implosion of the Soviet Union left the defense industry without a viable opponent. They still needed to sell guns, but they needed a new enemy… “I’ve got it! ...International Terrorism!” Additionally, the clampdown on individual freedoms (including the dismantling of collective bargaining) makes a spoiled, over expectant American workforce… more manageable... and expendable. A one-two punch... and the American publics' on the ropes...

The Media Age

Now… on this, the eleventh anniversary of 9/11… our freedoms continue to erode. The proposed implementation of CISPA  and SOPA threatens the integrity of a free World Wide Web. Why the crack-down on web driven liberty? The answer is to this question rests upon the fact that all is not darkness in our changing world. In addition to the horror… there is also light. Something new was waiting… to be born.
As with the birth of a child, the labor pains experienced by our modern civilization, while delivering the infant 21st century, was excruciating and exhilarating. This beloved new-born babe of possibilities is our hope for the future. Giving it a name, we call it... Generation Z… the iGeneration… the Net Generation. This new generation, in its infancy, includes movements such as… The Arab Spring… Occupy… Anonymous. Generation Z has spent their entire lives in and around the World Wide Web. Our kids are the creative facets of a globally intact information structure… a digital, global nervous system.
The explosive development of social media scares the bejesus out of the “powers that be.” This phenomenon was unexpected. This power cannot be contained (although the PTB want to… hence SOPA & CISPA). Social Media, combined with advances in computing and mobile technology, have created a powerful counterbalance to “the official story” that is the modern media machine. YouTube and Blogging sites, facilitated by the World Wide Web, have created a citizen’s forth estate… a decentralized, autonomous media network.
We used to call our new age, the information age. A more appropriate name may be the Age of Mediation or the Media Age.
The reason that the term: information age doesn’t adequately describe the immediate situation is that the emphasis is not on information, but whose information? The essential question we need to ask becomes… who decides what information is important? Who is going to mediate or come between us and our information? Do we let the mass media machine decide what is pertinent? Do we allow media empires to spoon-feed us content… or do we create our own content? The YouTube/facebook/blog-o-sphere generation is actively providing its own mediation. That is, generation Z is purposefully creating its own media, rather than relying on controlled mass media.
The fight for a free internet is a fight for bandwidth. The percentage of bandwidth that is controlled by mass media empires, we label Babylon Bandwidth. We borrowed this term from the old-school Rastafarians, such as the most reverend, Bob Marley… who referred to the “powers that be” as… Babylon. The new civil rights struggle in the Media Age, will be over who will be the ones that mediate information. Who will control the message… the PTB, or the people? A well informed citizenry like you, or the likes of  Rupert Murdoch?

We place our bets, dear reader… on you.


Lastly, we cannot help but comment on the 11:11 sync that resonates with this, the 11th anniversary of 9/11. Eleven : Eleven continues to be a wake-up call... a cosmic trigger of synchronicity. Our ability to be our own mediators of the information stream goes beyond common sense and logic… to intuition. By including and recognizing synchronicity as an important element of our consciousness… our discernment… we become better equipped to resist Babylon Bandwidth. Consideration of synchronicity allows us to be a better and more comprehensive critical thinker... by not ruling out certain potentialities. Synchronicity broadens and deepens our perspective on world events.
We don’t know how the Age of Mediation is going to play out… but one thing is for sure... paying attention to synchronicity gives us an edge over the PTB. In the Media Age… we’ll need any advantage we can get.  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Max Headroom as Science Fiction Prophecy

20 Minutes into the Future...

Max Headroom was a campy/classic/cult, made-for-TV movie (and later TV series) that first aired in the UK in 1985. Max Headroom: Twenty Minutes into the Future takes place in a dystopian near-future, which from a 1985 perspective, roughly corresponds to our contemporary world. In this (this?) future, governments have been reduced to Hollow States, while real political power rests with plutocratic media empires… the television networks.

The leading media cabal… Network 23… has implemented an insidious mind-control campaign in the form of “Blipverts” …commercials that compress 30 second ads into 2 seconds. The only thing that is problematic with this otherwise very successful campaign is the fact that blipverts tend to make sedentary viewers spontaneously combust.

Investigative reporter, Edison Carter, who works for network 23, plans to reveal his employer's plans to the world, but meets with an untimely accident as he is attempting to flee with his exposé. Carter’s consciousness is downloaded into a computer, which takes on a life of it’s own as the virtual presence… Max Headroom.
Vintage cyberpunk wildness ensues, with Max ending up in the possession of a Pirate Television Station “Big Time” and it’s founder, Blank Reg. Max’s programming becomes self-replicating and he develops artificial intelligence and attains sentience. Sci Fi sit-com meets singularity.  

Max Headroom is quite remarkable as Sci Fi prophecy. Hollow governments, increasingly ceding power to media empires… a population increasingly hypnotized by said media empires… elections being decided by network coverage… a world where most technology, except those pertaining to centralized telecom and mobile technology, has been de-funded or otherwise discontinued… Renegade news reporters, eerily similar to YouTube i-reporters, taking on the networks to counter the “official story” …the list goes on.

In retrospect, the vision of Max Headroom’s dystopia is uncomfortably similar to our current version of reality. But don’t take our word for it… check it out for yourself…

...told ya!

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Business of Science Fiction

What follows are some interesting thoughts from author and futurist,  Matt Colborn. In the following video, Matt considers the role of science fiction in our modern global culture. Is Sci Fi doing it's job?

Check out Matt's blog... Cosmic Citizen.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Synchronicity and World Events


Worldly events, as reported by our modern media machine (Babylon Bandwidth), are carefully and coercively filtered for consumption by the general public. I say this not in a conspiratorial sense, but rather as an observation of the current state of affairs. The machine’s reporting of “the news” is increasingly designed to promote a specific agenda, rather than an honest, un-biased, best-effort presentation of “what apparently occurred,” in any given report. Media outlets with international reach have considerable resources at their disposal to present “the facts” as they see fit. Disentangling “what occurred” from “agenda” is a nearly impossible task when approached from a limited, singular perspective… especially as we must rely on personal interpretation and logic.
Logic, as a perceptive tool, is fairly reliable when navigating the physical realm. The trouble with over-reliance on logical interpretation is that it is just that… an interpretation. In the case of what is reported by the media, we are only privy to their version of “the facts.” This mediation may not be overtly, or even consciously misleading (aka: a lie) on any given specific report… but it becomes more insidious over time. Media outlets can, over time, present a consistently “slanted” version of events that fit their purpose. Fox News’ consistent ultra right-wing reporting is a case in point.
In order to obtain a more comprehensive view of current events, many among us pay attention to emerging trends and patterns within the media-stream that reveal more than the media machine intends to disclose. What is revealed is the manner in which news is reported. Elements that are consistently emphasized or omitted, tell much about a specific media organization. Examining the larger picture… scrutinizing the trends… leads the discerning individual to a broader, deeper understanding of reported events. We define the word “understanding” to illustrate that which is “under” …what lies beneath, or the hidden foundation of that which is “standing” …visible, or being examined. This is not merely recognition, but comprehension.
Some of us go beyond pattern recognition, to the observance of synchronicities within the unfolding of current global events, as mediated by those who control broadcasting. Our simple definition of synchronicity is: meaningful coincidence. Synchronicity adds a layer of understanding to our perceptions of events. It adds another tool to our toolbox of comprehension… one akin to intuition. We consider synchronicity and intuition to be a product of higher brain functioning (circuit seven) within the human nervous system.
At the risk of scrutiny and skepticism by the general public, we actively pursue synchronicity and intuition, and add them alongside logic, as viable components of our total understanding. These tools broaden our perspective.
There exist technologies (techniques), both modern and ancient, that assist us in our investigations of afore-mentioned worldly events…
One of my favorite systems for examining synchronistic events is the ancient eight-fold oracular technology known as the I-ChingIn the spirit of contemplating the above perplexities of our modern media, I recently submitted the following query to the I-Ching…
Question: What synchronistic understanding should we take from recent media coverage, pertaining to the passing of the old worldly power structure and the emergence of a more loving, peaceful and equitable paradigm?
Answer: Hexagram # 56.  Lu - The Wanderer
Above: Li - The Clinging, Flame
Below: Kên - Keeping Still, Mountain
The Judgement:
The Wanderer.
Success through smallness.
Perseverance brings good fortune to the wanderer.
The Image:
Fire on the mountain: The image of the Wanderer.
Thus the superior man is clear-minded and cautious in imposing penalties, and protracts no lawsuits.
The Lines:
          Six at the beginning means:
          If the wanderer busies himself with trivial things,
          He draws down misfortune upon himself.
          Six in the second place means:
          The wanderer comes to an inn.
          He has his property with him.
          He wins the steadfastness of a young servant.
          Nine in the third place means:
          The wanderer's inn burns down.
          He loses the steadfastness of his young servant.
          Nine in the fourth place means:
          The wanderer rests in a shelter.
          He obtains his property and an ax.
          My heart is not glad.
     *   Six in the fifth place means:
          He shoots a pheasant.
          It drops with the first arrow.
          In the end this brings both praise and office.
          Nine at the top means:
          The bird's nest burns up.
          The wanderer laughs at first,
          Then must needs lament and weep.
          Through carelessness he loses his cow.
The system used is a translation... and is of ancient origin. The syntax is obviously dated… but upon contemplation… interesting nuances emerge. Of all the (64) possible outcomes of my query, it was the image of the wanderer that was returned. The image of the wanderer has many interpretations, especially within certain communities on the fringes of the blogosphere. Interestingly, the term “Wanderer” has an extra-terrestrial connotation ascribed to it in some esoteric circles.  To illustrate this, all one need do is search the term “the wanderer” on the internet. It won’t take much digging to unearth some intriguing results from your inquiry.
The secret of synchronicity is that it’s profundity is deeply personal in nature. It ultimately is a conspiracy between the individual and universe. Synchronicity allows each of us to explore what the unfolding of world events means us personally and in our interactions with others. Of course there is overlap… the bigger the event, the more overlap there is. Major events in the world, such as the recent hurricane “Isaac” affect millions of people.

Synchronicity facilitates the experience of the “aha! Moment” where the seemingly unrelated puzzle pieces suddenly fit, revealing the big picture. Synchronicity binds together seemingly unrelated events, into a larger mosaic of understanding.
If you are interested in exploring the intricacies of synchronicity via the I-Ching system, there are many excellent examples found on-line. The system we used in the above inquiry is found within the Tek-Gnostics website… simply follow the link provided below…